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President Ma Feifei goes to Yiwu to hold Yiwu Branch Company Work Plan Meeting
Time:2016-07-06  From: auhor
On the afternoon of Aug. 21st, Yiwu Branch Company held the work plan meeting on the second half. At the meeting, the work completion condition on the first half, the problems and the work plan on the second half were concluded. Meanwhile, it also arranged the work responsibilities, target, and tasks. The members of management team and all staffs of Yiwu Branch Company took part in the meeting, and President Ma hosted the meeting.
President Ma said that the foreign trade environment remains challenging in this year, so all branch companies need make greater efforts to expand their business and continue to focus on the construction of institutionalization and processes. The heads of every department of Yiwu Branch shall be able to fully understand the importance and urgency of your works in the second half of this year. For the current market environment and internal factors constraining business development, the meeting made the following measures: first, grasp the team building solidly, enhance staff’s confidence to the future development, and increase efforts to expand their business to win more business space; second, all managers and business staff of Yiwu Company shall have business plans, actively seek for the breakthrough and the starting point of business, and take flexible marketing method to promote the business development; third, based on the current business, further improve the business flow, turn the pressure into the motivation and ensure a balanced business and healthy development of Yiwu company.


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